I think it is impossible to learn another language without being completely changed. Something has shifted and we can no longer be who we once were. For we witness the opening of a world, when the planets align and we have access to new people, new cultures, new ideas. I walked through a threshold I didn’t know existed and I can’t find the way back. The road has melted before my very eyes, but even if I could find it again, I would not want to.


4 thoughts on “Threshold

    • Hi Nick! Thanks for stopping by. I think that in learning a new language we can discover another aspect of ourselves. Was it the same for you when you learned Spanish? Having spent a significant amount of time in a French speaking environment, French has become a part of me in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible before. I have made friends in this new language and learned more about God through my experiences here. As a result, I claim French as my own, just as Spanish and English are mine as well. Of course there are still some difficulties and I am still learning. But I think about some people I have met where French was the only possible way for us to communicate. In those situations, knowing this language has opened doors to new friendships. Also, speaking a third language makes me look at language in general as a more abstract form. That might just be my linguistic background kicking in, but having three ways to say something makes me more aware of the arbitrary nature between syllables and meaning.

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