I was…but then…

I have a list of prompts that I created at the end of October to help with the creativity process and to prevent myself from running out of ideas during the November Project. It has been pretty helpful, and I was going to write about one of those prompts tonight…but then I realized I didn’t want to.

I don’t just want to be writing random posts, even if that is what has ended up happening for most of November. It’s very good practice, but I want to eventually be writing something more cohesive. I am still searching for a genre, and maybe the genre I’m looking for doesn’t exist.

No person is one-dimensional. Yet many genres are, with fixed guidelines and formats already in place that are difficult to rearrange. I love to travel, but travel blogs are sometimes trite, as if travel were all that mattered. I am religious, but think that “secular” things can point us to God just as easily as those that are sacred. I love language and the written word, but is that all I want to write about?

But far be it from me to go all existential on you. I know a little bit about what I want to write; I just don’t know how to make it happen in a cohesive way. I want to write creative non-fiction, taking stories and characters from real life and capturing the soul of places and people onto the page. I want to make place come alive in a way that makes it feel like the reader is really there. I want to hear the cadence of languages and the rhythm of music, to smell the spices in the market, to see deep colors, wild expressions of beauty, and the views from the edge of the cliff. I want to wake people up from the torpid indolence of daily routines to show that life is beautiful and worth living. I want to see and write about the Kingdom of God in action, because I truly believe that if more people were excited about this revolution, that the world would be a better place. I want to write about courage and light, beauty, love and adventure. I want to be a life-long learner and share the lessons. I want to treat everyone as a teacher, to ask good questions, to discover new cultures, new languages, new ways of life. I want to wander the world with a notebook and a camera and have it mean something.

Is there a genre for that?


2 thoughts on “I was…but then…

    • I suppose I don’t, but it’s sometimes nice to have an external structure to work with rather than letting things spill over the edges. It’s possible that the more I write, the more clear this “genre,” or whatever it is, will become.

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