Journey before Destination

Our destination was Luzern, but the journey itself was worth every moment.

We took the scenic route through the mountains rather than the highway. I was cold at every stop, unable to reconcile what my friends called “fall” with the frost on the leaves, my breath hanging visibly in the air, and the snow on the hillsides and mountains.


Yet the leaves still clung to the trees, displaying their orange and yellow glory against the sharp backdrop of blue sky and the earth’s white blanket. It was a special mix of seasons, even–I think–for people who are accustomed to “real winter.” Here we were on the cusp of each one, that ephemeral intermediary zone where neither one has complete dominance. The light made everything glorious.


The stops we made on the mountain road were easily my favorite part of the day. I loved the mountains for the mixture of snow, bright blue sky, blinding sunlight, fog so thick it formed a deep sea in the valleys, tree branches ablaze, jagged cliffs, and the sharp bite of the air.

This post was going to be about Luzern, but the journey took over. The best adventures do that. Still, I would like to give a taste of that beautiful city. But instead of just writing about it, I want to experiment with a sort of photo essay and single word titles or short captions over the next few days. This is new for me, but November is a time for experimentation. After all, it’s about the journey.


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