“A sacred or holy place…any place of refuge, asylum.”

With any word there are two definitions. The dictionary does a great job in giving a measured, accurate definition, reflective of the general culture and usage. However, a dictionary does nothing to capture a person’s idiolect, or their own use of language.

Because the word sanctuary to me is so much more than what the above definition can capture. Because coming into contact with a Holy God makes me feel a sense of peace that is not superficial but rests deep within my soul. A sanctuary is a place of refuge from the problems of the world, knowing that in the presence of God they retain their proper perspective. It is where God speaks and I listen, coming home into His arms and resting there, a home that I will never have to leave. It is not beyond me, so that I would have to search for it in heaven or across the sea, but the Word is very near to me, whispering softly to trust Him and to give Him my life because no one else could keep it better.

Sanctuary is real, it is holy, and it is what I need every day.


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