On faith and missing pieces

There is a feeling of deep relief and joy after finishing something so big and consuming that you didn’t even realize how much it was hanging over your head.

Today I received my acceptance letter from the school I will be attending in Switzerland for French study. It was the missing puzzle piece to my visa paperwork that I needed before I could submit the packet to the consulate. After receiving the letter, I gave my printer a workout, fixing two paper jams and almost running out of paper. Then began the mad scramble to compile everything, double and triple checking the requirements, and racing to send my precious packet away.

And I am so grateful.

Originally when asking about my application, I was told I would receive an answer sometime next week. Two days later I get my letter. It had taken them less time than anticipated, they told me. But I could feel the hand of God in the process, pulling the loose threads together. One thing this leave-my-home-and-follow-Him process has been teaching me is that God is faithful and trustworthy. There are times when I don’t always believe it, but I am seeing it more and more. He does not forsake His children.

I am so excited about my classes at the university: to have time to intensively study a language (and for that to be the only goal) is a dream come true. I will have the chance to learn, to explore. I will soak up the language and culture through my skin to understand the rhythms and movements of a brand new place.

All of these are great reasons to go. But today I realized another one. I want to see–perhaps for the first time–where giving everything to God and trusting Him with my whole life will take me. I want to tell stories of His faithfulness and bind them around my wrist to remind me of what He has done.


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