An Update in the Life

While most of my previous posts have been pieces about travel and language learning, I feel like I have neglected to actually write about the day to day happenings and musings of my life. This week is the gentle letdown after an intense week of presentations. I am grateful to have some more time. What follows are brief vignettes of today:

In French class, my book and professor tried to tell me that the passive voice and the middle voice were the same (they’re not). We have a test on Thursday after breezing through the chapter at breakneck speed. I’m not taking the class for a grade, but the perfectionist in me still tries to take control when it comes to tests.

I was shopping for food and noticed some beautiful sunflowers (my favorite flower). I bought them on a whim. I have a plastic travel vase that holds water but can fold flat when empty. I’m glad to always have a space to put freshly cut flowers wherever I go.


(Note the intentional positioning of the sunflowers under the Van Gogh paintings.)

I am getting really close to getting things together for Switzerland. I am still hoping to leave in the fall, which is just over four months away. I am still excited to go, but this week, I have been battling the overwhelming feeling of not being ready. I’m coming to the realization that I will be buying a one way ticket. I will be leaving my friends, my family, and my life here. How does anyone come to grips with that?

I went outside in the late afternoon to water plants and saw tiny green tomatoes beginning to form on a plant that I thought I had killed. We will have tomatoes in early June. I had been watering a rosebush for the past week, and it finally bloomed today. The jagged lavender petals and the intoxicating fragrance make it my favorite of our roses.

These are small details, but the way we live our days is the way we live our lives.


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