Un Cadeau

“The past is history; the future is a mystery; today is a gift–that’s why it’s called the present.”

Sometimes it can be hard for me to be present in the moment. Some people tend to dwell on the past and replay their lives like a classic movie. They think about where things went wrong and what they would change if they could. This mode of thinking leads to regret.

I tend to struggle more with dwelling on the future. It’s easy for me to plan the next big stage of life or to think of ways to make life even better. Far from being productive, the planning stage is a continuous daydream that never leaves the ground. This mode of thinking leads to inactivity in the present.

The present is beautiful–always here yet always fleeting. Try as we might, moments don’t last forever. Once we try to record them through pictures or videos, we’ve taken ourselves out of the moment and it’s already gone.

I think the times I’ve been the happiest have been when I was so caught up in the moment that I was living the present life with wild abandon. I didn’t have time to think of the future or past. Someone recently told me that God’s grace was available only in the present. I don’t want to miss the grace God has for me today by being somewhere else. While it is important to remember what God has done through the word of our testimony and to wait with expectation for what He will do, it’s even more essential to experience Him today.

His mercies are new every morning.


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